Kiraku works on a Direct Trade basis. Direct Trade is a way that smaller companies like Kiraku do business through an integrated supply chain, working directly with people on the ground in countries who actually make the products. It’s a bottoms-up approach to improving the income of people who actually make the products.

Fair trade is a label. Used by large companies, to verify that people who live thousands of miles away from where the product is used are paid a fair price (which isn’t actually fair enough to be sustainable). It’s a top-down approach for companies with an outsourced supply chain.

Kiraku goes way beyond fair trade. We work directly with the makers on a daily basis. We know the makers, their families & friends and they know us, our families & our friends. We talk directly together, we share life, laughs, tears, frustrations, drinks & meals together and if we weren’t close friends when we started working together, we are close friends now.