Pumpui Bag L washbag Recycled Japanese Truck Inner Tube

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Pumpui Bag L Recycled Japanese Truck Inner Tube

24 cm long, 14cm wide, 11cm tall

This uniquely designed bag embodies Japan quality having been created using Japanese reclaimed rubber truck inner tubes. After many roads and miles each inner tube has its own unique story & appearance. And so now does every bag. Like you, Kiraku loves the planet so we really loved making this 100% recycled Eco-friendly, Vegan, Hand Made, Bag because :- tyre inner tubes are produced in large volumes, designed and made so well, to be waterproof & to withstand heat of more than one hundred degrees generated by the friction of a heavy moving truck. This creates one of the most problematic sources of waste & then used broken tyres are normally burnt, causing a huge impact in our environment.

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