Sashiko Igeta Gurē

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 Sashiko Igeta Gurē

  • Sashiko Igeta Gurē is a Grey  Sashiko shirt
  • Sashiko means “little stabs” in Japanese  & refers to the small stitches used in this form of needlework
  • Mix of Line & Hashtag/ Igeta 井 means Well traditionally Old water wells used to have  stout wooden beams that crossed at the top well Sashiko hand sewn stiches (these are loose/open so could pull or catch)
  • Gurē means Grey In Japanese 
  • 100% Handmade so no 2 shirts are the same
  • One size 
  • Side seam hip high pockets
  • Handmade reformed Eco wooden buttons
  • Looks great as a dress, as a shirt or a coat over anything anytime 
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Limited Edition


Style Code : TB103

One size

1/2 Bust 56cm 

1/2 Cuff 13cm 

Drop Back  86cm /Ffront  91cm

Arm Length 57cm

Hem Width 94cm 

Fits up to size 18cm depending on your bust & body shape 

100% Cotton

Recommend cool eco wool wash 




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Sashiko  Igeta Gurē Sashiko  Igeta Gurē Sashiko  Igeta Gurē Sashiko  Igeta Gurē
Sashiko  Igeta Gurē